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we went hiking today!

2 06 2010

Hey all! Vampire Bill here! How are you? Mom and I love to read about you guys, we’re (SHE is) really bad about updating our blog tho! I will try to keep her in line 😉

So today we went hiking, it was incredible! Mom was worried I wouldn’t be able to do some things, but she was really wrong! I showed her! I was running up steep inclines, scrambling down them, splashing in the water and I had a blast!! I got to smell so many new things and meet other dogs. None of them were as cool as you guys though!

Mom brought some friends over for me this week. She said their mom had to go out of town and since they were lonely at the house she thought it would be a good idea for us to play together. well, she ended up being right! Just this one time, mind you 😉 we can’t let her go thinking she’s ALWAYS right 😉 Caspian is a gigantic golden retirever, he’s older so he was very laid back, super cool guy! He mostly stood over me and Teichler (chi-it.greyhound mix) while we played. Teichler was great fun! He was only a tiny guy, our cat is bigger than him! But he runs sooo fast! I kept up with him for a long time tho! Then I decided Caspian’s idea of hanging out in the shade was a good one! Their mom comes back tonight, so they had to go home, but it was so awesome to have them here! Mom says we can go on playdates when the kids and moms all get together 🙂 I can’t wait!

Mostly it’s been me and mom getting ready for summer vacation…which sounds like fun, but apparently that means we have to clean/scrub everything in the house and get the yard cleaned up. I thought it would be fun but I was wrong….Although mom does let me go get sticks and carry them to the burn pile! That part is fun! Drinking from the hose is great too! When mom hoses off the horses she sprays me and it feels sooo good!  My sisters only have a week and a half left, then I get to play with them everyday all day long! My favorite thing in the world to do is wake them up in the morning! I hop up and kiss them good morning. they squeal a lot, but then they giggle and hug me! I think it’s an excellent way to wake up! 😀

Mom was just looking at pictures of me after the accident and she can’t believe how well I’m doing. It hasn’t quite been 2 months yet and I’m running, hiking, playing and doing more than ever! She calls me her miracle 🙂 Of course she’s not calling me that right now since I’ve hogged the puter for too long 😉 hehe -hugs and doggie kisses to all, vampire bill 🙂