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mom’s slacking again!

10 05 2010

So I have taken it upon myself to tell you guys what I’ve been up to, since she seems to think she has a million things going on at once. I don’t know what she’s talking about, the only thing that she has to worry about is if I’ve got my snacks and food and I get to go for a million walks! It’s not like my sisters really need anything, silly mom, it’s all about me!

So I got my staples out! of course that was weeks ago and mom didn’t tell you (don’t worry I’ll take it up with her when I’m done 😉 ) but I was so excited I ran/hopped all the way to the dr’s office! I even got on the elevator no problem. Mom was worried I’d fall, but I showed her! I even did a flying leap when I got inside so I could see my favorite receptionist ever! (yeah, I don’t know many, but she was really cool!) Then everyone had to come out and had to see me. So I loved and rubbed all over everyone, they were so excited for me.  They told me I had to come back and see them and I will! They even had another aussie there that was named Sookie! (mom says it’s the girls name in the book she named me for…ewww girls, but it’s cool she’s an aussie, maybe she’s not soooo bad!)

Once I got the full ok from the Dr I knew I was set! I haven’t stopped running since I got home 3 weeks ago! I even helped mom plant the garden. I am back to sitting at her riding lessons (ok, I wait till she’s not looking and then I run around with the other horse, but it makes her happy to think I sit 😉 ) She still hasn’t taken me to school, even tho I try to get on the bus every morning. You would think she’d realize I’m totally ready! Some of those silly kids didn’t even know I was missing a leg until 2 weeks after I got the staples out! maybe it’s because I like to run everywhere, mom says I’m like a fluffly tornado, whatever that is! something about destruction…I dunno 😉

She likes to let me crawl up into bed with her when Dad leaves for work. They both laughed at me yesterday since I couldn’t wait for him to get out the door and piled on top of both of them 🙂 I don’t know why they want to sleep when the sun is shining and there is just SO much to do! Gosh! Don’t they know that the early bird gets the worm…and the snacks and the balls thrown and I can chase kitties and oh just sooo much stuff out there!

Mom got all silly yesterday too, my middle sister Cassie made her a tripawd aussie out of yarn, she got all teary eyed and couldn’t stop giggling. Was she crying/happy/sad? I have no idea, people are just crazy! I thought it was cool, but I’m even better looking than that…i know it’s impossible to catch all of my glory tho, so she gets away with it 😉

Ok mom’s giving me the eye..again. Guess I’ll go and try to be good…or at least flash my cute eyes at her so I can get as many treats as possible (thanks sooo much for that idea, btw! You guys rock!) -Vampire Bill